Monday, August 14, 2006
Lord Finesse - "The Awakening"

Released 1995 on Penalty Records.
A Classic, fo sure, but nuthin special at this point.
BUT - wait, cause this is the limited Instrumental version.
Dope cuts for ya next session, ur next bus-jouney or even to relax while ur girlfriend is bitchin' around, ENJOY!

"Time Ta Bounce"
"True And Livin'"
"O Lord"
"Takin' It Lyte"
"Flip Da Style"
"Speak Ya Peace"
"Food For Thought"
"Da Kid Himself"
"Hip 2 Da Game"
"No Gimmicks"
Whole LP(.rar)


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At 12:59 AM, Blogger djespionage

get at me on MSN,; you have any of your production up online?


At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and it looks mighty fine. Keep it going.


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

i don't care what nobody says, this album was lord finesse's best album that he ever came out with, i felt that the album was way too short and he wasted good beats on those interludes,Check Me Out Baby Pah (shouldve been in the awakening), S.K.I.T.S (deep ass song he spits the truth on this one,alsoshouldve been in the awakening), S.K.I.T.S (RMX)(shouldve been in the awakening), Check The Method(hot beat,also shouldve been in the awakening), Pull Ya Card (also shouldve been in the awakening), bottom line go cop it, but it's kind of hard to find, i bought this album back in '02 for $16.95 at fye, but i check on amazon and they selling it for $29.99, they're wildin out, its a very good cd but not worth that much money. peace.