Monday, September 17, 2007

Being one of the most respected producers of the golden era of HipHop seems not to be enough for D.I.T.C.'s Diamond D - apperenty his new aim is to make some big cash for his sunset years. I can't explain my sad discovery of his new track elsewise.
Diamond is about to release his new Album called "The Huge Hefner LP" - and what this dude presents to us with that lp has nuthing to do with the good old Diamond D sound. To come to the point: this shit sounds like a disgusting mixture of dipset
("I getz it in") and Kayne("Don't beg").

Well, listen to it by yourself and let me know what you think!

"I Getz It In"


"Don't Beg"

"It'll Be Alright"

It's sad to see that even Diamond is selling his hairy ass now...Well, let's look back to the good days - Enjoy the Showbiz Remix of Diamond's "Sally Got A One-Track Mind" !


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