Thursday, August 24, 2006
Muro ft. Lord Finesse - "The Vinyl Athletes"

Yes - another Japan-Only release from D.I.T.C. - only a few hundred, i guess 500, were pressed in 1999 on Incredible Records.
Muro, the "King Of Diggin'", features Lord Finesse and AG on that dope joint...
If you see this gem make sure to cop it - but this one doesn't turn up very often.
There is another, even rarer japan-only 12" by muro feat. Diamond D - called "Echo Wave" - on it's way to my crip. I dunno if i gonna open it, cause it's still sealed...mayb i will if ya cats leave lots of comments on this post - u can make me ripp and upload it ;-)
A1 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes"
A2 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes" Reprisal Remix
A3 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes" Lord Finesse Remix
B1 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes" Instrumental
B2 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes" Reprisal Remix Instrumental
B3 Muro "The Vinyl Athletes" Lord Finesse Remix Instrumental


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Papoose- "Thug Connection" 12"

Released in 1999 on Next Level Rock Boy Street Records, this 12" is one of those few releases, which b-side is much tighter than the a-side.
Even when "Thug Connection", which featured Kool G Rap and AZ, is a very dope joint, it can't mess with the b-side track "Alphabetical Slaughter", which sould b known from many mixtapes.
Papoose said in an interview that he was working on that joint since 1994 - and i think it worths that time...get it!
Edit 25.08.2006: Now It's official - Papoose signed a 1.5 million-deal with Jive Records!!!
A1 Papoose "Thug Connection" Clean
A2 Papoose "Thug Connection" Dirty
A3 Popoose "Thug Conenction" Instrumental
B1 Papoose "Alphabetical Slaughter"
B2 Papoose "Alphabetical Slaughter" Instrumental


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I just found this record when i was diggin through my crates...
The Track is taken from Stieber Twins' first and only LP called "Fenster zum Hof"(1996 - MZEE Records).
I really enjoyed listening to it again so i would like to know what u guys think bout that get it, listen and leave tons of comments....
Stieber Twins feat. Cora E "Einmal Macco, Zweimal Stieber"


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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Fat Joe- "Misery Needs Company" 12"

I found this testpressing on a jumble sale yesterday.
The first track - "misery needs company" is taken from Fat Joe's "Don Cartagena" LP, which was released on Atlantic in 1998. DOPE!
The second joint, "Keep It Tight" be honest, I dunno if it was released on wax on another way- but it's also pretty get it!

A1 Fat Joe featuring Noreaga "Misery Needs Company"
B1 Fat Joe "Keep It Tight"


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Thursday, August 17, 2006
thank ya'll 4 telling me about dead links.
i'm using a homies' FTP Server to keep you guys away from low-rate-downloads and waiting-time at rapidshare, megaupload and so on.
since a few weeks the server is fuckin around, so im thankful for every advice relating to dead links - i will do my best to fix all problems.

have a nice day.



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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Hyenas In The Desert - "Can U Feel It" 12"

this 12" is everything else than a rare gem - u can b sure to find it in nearly every 99 cent bargain bin...but i think a lot of people don't know it - so here you are.
I don't know much about these cats, only that they released a LP calles "die laughing" in 1997.
this 12" was released in 1996 on sony their missing fame couldn't relate on missing promo or stuff like that....fuck it - this joint isn't that bad so give them a chance...

A1 "Can U Feel It" Radio Edit
A2 "Can U Feel It" Instrumental
A3 "Can U Feel It Part II (Worldwide)"
A4 "Can U Feel It" Accapella
B1 "Wild Dogs" Album Version
B2 "Wild Dogs" Instrumental
B3 "Wild Dogs" Radio Edit
B4 "Can U Feel It Part III (Rezident Evil)"


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V/ A - "Tru Criminal Records EP"

This 12" was released to promote the artist of Tru Criminal Records and their new stuff.
I think u cats even know guys like the street smartz or ak skillz so no introduction should
be written down here.
Get the tracks and leave a comment....


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Monday, August 14, 2006
Lord Finesse - "The Awakening"

Released 1995 on Penalty Records.
A Classic, fo sure, but nuthin special at this point.
BUT - wait, cause this is the limited Instrumental version.
Dope cuts for ya next session, ur next bus-jouney or even to relax while ur girlfriend is bitchin' around, ENJOY!

"Time Ta Bounce"
"True And Livin'"
"O Lord"
"Takin' It Lyte"
"Flip Da Style"
"Speak Ya Peace"
"Food For Thought"
"Da Kid Himself"
"Hip 2 Da Game"
"No Gimmicks"
Whole LP(.rar)


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
i decided to write each posting in english from now on...
first of all - i wanna say sorry for my bad english - but i think its better for headz all over the world when i write postings in english.

because i realized that new posting sumtimes arent shown on this page please click the refresh button each time u visit it - then every new posting should be shown.

diggersspot will grow up very quick - i just received about 250 records with rare promo-only-releases, oldschool gems, random rap and japan-only-releases...
so watch out!!!

diggers spot


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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Rakim - "Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan" 12"

2000 erschien diese Japan Only 12" Über ApeSounds / MoWax.
Rakim meldet sich nach längerer Pause wieder und präsentiert einem
der vier MajorMarkets, dass er immernoch präsent ist.
Infos über Producercredits etc fehlen mir leider, allerdings
klingt das ganze gewöhnungsbedürftig aber trotzdem solide.
Als kleines "Gimmick" ist das Roundout des Whitecovers so
geformt, dass er zusammen mit dem Aufdruck des Labels
die Form eines Affengesichts bekommt...
A1 Rakim - "Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan"
B1 Rakim - "Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan" Instrumental
B2 Rakim - "Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan" Accapella


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