Sunday, September 24, 2006
Promo Shit...
While I was diggin though my crates yesterday I found sum Promos I like to share with you.
These aren't any holy gems, no tough finds, but they are dope - and that's what it should be about.Released in 1997 on Priority Records, the "Headz R Reddee Pt. 2" 12" should be known by most of you. One of Boot Camp's Classic 12", timeless, dope, worth the "repeat" button of your mp3 player...
A1 Headz R Reddee Pt 2 Radio Edit
A2 Headz R Reddee Pt 2 Instrumental
B1 Down By Law Radio Edit
B2 Headz R Reddee Pt 2 Album Version

I wouldn't b surprised If most of you guys didn't know this record. In my opinion this 12" was kinda slept-on, cause the b-side track called "On The Job" is a real dope joint...
A1 Angels Radio Edit
A2 Angels Main Mix
A3 Angels Instrumental
B1 On The Job Radio Edit
B2 On The Job Main Mix
B3 On The Job Instrumental

This is the first time you can see a bootleg on my blog, but its reasonable, because the orginal is still on it's way to my crip - damn, this was a tough find.
Large Professor's Remix of Nas' "It Ain't Hard To Tell" is one of my favourtie Remix-Releases ever.
Do me a favour and watch out while buying this 12" on ebay; Many sellers state this pressing as the orginal, which it is not. But even this boot if worth to pick up, cause the OG Promo is really hard to find.
A1 It Ain't Hard To Tell Large Professor Remix
B1 It Ain't Hard To Tell Large Professor Remix Instrumental

Released in 1998 on Geffen, this 12" offers two of my favourite producers - Premo and Pete Rock.
Premo was responsible for the procuction of the A-Side called "The Actual", while Pete Rock rocked his mpc for "Priceless". Both Tracks are pure fire....
Note: There are two pressings of this 12"; the 1st one (on Geffen) is kinda harder to find, while the second one, which was released on MCA, should b easy to find.
A1 The Actual Clean
A2 The Acutal LP Version
A3 The Acutal Instrumental
B1 Priceless Clean
B2 Priceless LP Version
B3 Priceless Instrumental

For those who didn't know; G.P. WU, reppin' Staten Island and consisting of Rubbabandz, Down Low Recka, June Luva and Pop Da Brown Hornet, Ghostface Killah's cousin.
I don't like that A-Side Track - but the B-Side is worth a listen fo' check it...
A1 Hit Me With That Shit Remix
A2 Hit Me With That Shit Remix Instrumental
B1 Smokin'
B2 Smokin' Instrumental
B3 Smokin' Accapella

Same crew, same shit....fortuity? Nah man, i start thinking that's sumthing like a curse.
The A-Track is pure crap, but the B-Side is dope....damn, they should have release only half of their 12" and put on their B-Sides instead of the A-Sides...
A1 Party People Clean
A2 Party People Instrumental
A3 Party People Accapella
B1 Chamber Danger Clean
B2 Chamber Danger Instrumental
B3 Chamber Danger Accapella

That's a weird post: I couldn't rip the whole A-Side, cause this side is kinda destroyed, so I can only present the Main Version of "Everybody Get" to you this time.
In my opionion this isn't too bad, cause It's all about the B-Side again: "Milk" was produced by KRS-One is really dope, but, daaaaamn, that "Juice" joint, which is features Rah Digga is the shit. This Beat kills everything...(Doesn't it contain the same sample as used in M-Boogie's "World War I" featuing Mykill Miers???)
A1 Everybody Get
B1 Milk
B2 Milk Instrumental
B3 Juice
B4 Juice Instrumental

The last one for today: Ghostface Killah's "Flowers / The Watch" 12", a dope promo with two dope gems on it. once again, feeling strange to say that again, I like the B-Side more than "Flowers"...Maybe a curse of this blog instead of G.P. WU?!
A1 Flowers Dirty
A2 Flowers Clean
A3 Flowers Instrumental
B1 The Watch Dirty
B2 The Watch Clean
B3 The Watch Instrumental

By the way: If you have any problems picking up one of the records I presented in this blog just hook me up by email or icq, I will do my best to help you.


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Monday, September 18, 2006
Some gems that should b played nonstop...

Cause I got sum sparetime today I decided to upload sum gems for you guys.
First of them is Show & AG's "Goodfellas" LP - I think i don't need to give any information on
this one...A Classic....One of the best LP's ever...For those who missed, lost or forgot it;
A1 Never Less Than Ill
A2 You Know Now
A3 Check It Out
B1 Add On
B2 Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
B3 Time For
C1 Got The Flava
C2 Neighbahood Sickness
C3 All Out
D1 Medicine
D2 I'm Not The One
D3 Got Ya Back
D4 Next Level

Then we have the "Work Is Never Done" 12" by N.O.T.S. Click, which features Big L.
A nice joint, and also the b-side, "Larger Than Life" is worth a listen. Released in 1997 on Official Joinzt Records. Have fun with it!
A1 Work Is Never Done Street
A2 Work Is Never Done Clean
A3 Work Is Never Done Instrumental
A4 Work Is Never Done Accapella
B1 Larger Than Life Street
B2 Larger Than Life Clean
B3 Larger Than Life Instrumental
B4 Larger Than Life Accapella

I love this next gem - the "Sing-A-Long" 12" by Craig G on Sureshot Records.
A Nice joint, but the b-side is even better, "Welcome To Da Game" truely is a banger...get it!
A1 Sing-A-Long Clean
A2 Sing-A-Long Instrumental
B1 Welcome To The Game Street
B2 Welcome To The Game Clean
B3 Welcome To The Game Instrumental

"It's the bionic..."If ya didn't know this joint - well, now u will, and I'm pretty sure you will love it - two dope joints by defari - released in 1997 on ABB Records.A1 Bionic Radio Edit
A2 Bionic Street
A3 Bionic Instrumental
B1 Change & Switch Radio Edit
B2 Change & Switch Street
B3 Change & Switch Instrumental

Last but not least - we need to listen to sum female-power.
Heather B "All Glocks Down" - A well known classic - 1995, Pendlum Records.
A1 All Glocks Down Street
A2 All Glocks Down Radio Edit
A3 All Glocks Down Instrumental
B1 All Glocks Down An L To The Neck Remix
B2 All Glocks Down Fort Rowdy Remix
B3 All Glocks Down Extended MixTape Version

so - that's all for 2day - I hope you will enjoy these gems....let me know if ya love.


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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Wreck-etchings on testpressings...

Well guys, here's the new post. Sorry for the delay, but i had sum stressfull weeks.
Today we have two dope Testpressings by Wreck-Records.
First one is that Black Moon "I Got Cha Opin Remix" TP, which also contains a previously unreleased Track called "Killin' Every Nigga". A dope 12" - and also the first 12" which label made me laughing....check the picture....
A1 Black Moon "I Got Cha Opin" Remix
A2 Black Moon "I Got Cha Opin" Remix Instrumental
A3 Black Moon "I Got Cha Opin"
B1 Black Moon "Killin' Every Nigga"
B2 Black Moon "Killin' Every Nigga" Instrumental

Then we have this "Reck Shit Rebulz - Phat Azz Beatz" 12"...A Testpress with sum dope Instrumental Jointz. Download it, invite your homies, turn on the mic and have sum fun...
A1 Make Ya Feel Better
A2 Bounce
A3 Start Some Sh!t
B1 Full Moon Drama
B2 Pull Up Ya Hanz
B3 Eaze Up
B4 U Wanna Flex

Then there is sumthing personal: I can see that nearly 300 people visit this blog everyday. Now i wanna tell you - leave comments, use them to discuss, to drop request or even better just 2 show some love, i don't wanna do this shit fo' nuthing. U wouldnt visit it if you dont think this blog was dope, so say that. I'm showing you sum love with all that dope shit - so let me receive sum props from ya headz. peace - maze.


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
The Ultimate Live Post...

Because of miru's request on that Big L "Live In Amsterdam" LP I decided to ripp some Live-LP's - so...enjoy them.The first one is Big L & A.G. live in Amsterdam. This LP is definitely a bootleg, I even remember gettin' told that it's from germany. The soundquality isn't that good - it's wack, to be honest - but I think it's worth to listen that legend rockin' live on stage. Rest In Peace!
Then we have this Gang Starr Exclusive Live Album. I really thought it's a bootleg, but it seems to be an official release(© 2002 Virgin).
The soundquality is better than on that Big L joint, but it's getting worst on the second half of the recording. Features some well known classics....get it!
Last but not least - the best Live-Record of this selection.
Biggie Live In London.
I'm not sure if it's a bootleg or not - It has a Bad Boy Cover, but the catalogue-nr. on the label makes me doubtfull. I've even heard that there're only a hundred copies existing.
Bootleg or not, limited pressing or not - that all doesn't matter - cause this is one of the best liverecordings I've ever heard. Good quality, good concert - Big, Bigger, Biggie! R.I.P.


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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Pete Rock - "Revenge" 12"

This one-sided promo is a Japan-Only release on Handcuts Records.
It was released to promote Pete Rock's new CD "First Collection", which also was released on Handcuts Records. There were only 200 pieces pressed - and it's a really nice joint - i will get that CD and upload it for ya!


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