Saturday, October 14, 2006
Yeah, I'm still here...
But damn guys, I had sum stress the past weeks. First all i wanna thank ya guys for the support, those props on the comments make me keep doin' this ish. And because we hitted the 5,000 mark last month I dug out something special for you - It's the CD, but wait - before you leave - It's a special one....Those who know this blog a bit longer will remember the post with those 3 D.I.T.C. Japan only 12"es...Here you have the CD/Japan Only D.I.T.C. Album "All Love".
Then we have this 12" called "All About Wars" by F.A.T.A.L. Fountain....Both tracks, "All About Wars" on the A-Side, and "Heavyweights" on the flipside are solid...By the way, "All About Wars" is produced by enjoy that ish...
A1 All About Wars Dirty
A2 All About Wars Clean
A3 All About Wars Instrumental
B1 Heavyweights Dirty
B2 Heavyweights Clean
B3 Heavyweights Instrumental
God save the whitelabels.....Another (as far as I know) previously unreleased Cappadonna Joint.
On the B-Side you got "Another Riddle" - which sum of you might know. A nice gem.....
A1 Spy
B1 Another Riddle

The last entry for today is the limited "Top Dollar" 12" by Raiderman. Two solid Tracks with a whole bunch of nice features - what else should we want?
A1 Top Dollar
A2 Top Dollar Instrumental
B1 Strategy

Like I said at the beginning I'm very sorry for the delay. But there's a basic priciple for me doing this blog: quality, not quantity. I'm not that kinda blogger who receives Promo-Press CD's, or who download unreleased LP's from the net and then post 10 posts a week with LP-Covers from I always try to get sumthing special for you guys, I rip those tracks, take scans of the labels and write this shit - so please be patient with delays - cause I can't have enough sparetime for doin' this ish every week, ya know. There are sum really nice gems on their way to my crip, so the next post should have the typically DiggersSpot standart. Keep on diggin' - and support this ish;-) One love.


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