Sunday, August 20, 2006
Fat Joe- "Misery Needs Company" 12"

I found this testpressing on a jumble sale yesterday.
The first track - "misery needs company" is taken from Fat Joe's "Don Cartagena" LP, which was released on Atlantic in 1998. DOPE!
The second joint, "Keep It Tight" be honest, I dunno if it was released on wax on another way- but it's also pretty get it!

A1 Fat Joe featuring Noreaga "Misery Needs Company"
B1 Fat Joe "Keep It Tight"


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At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

see this is the noreaga i wanna hear not the reggaeton version, i know he's bigging up his other half, but thats not what he's known for, and fat joe he needs to get back with ditc, at least he was worth listenin to, whatever happened to fat joe da gangsta, he is a street legend but not a rap legend.