Wednesday, November 28, 2007
whaddup ladies and gents,

today I'm back with another "wax 4 da headz" post - and I'm sure I can call this one very special. What I got for you is a holy grail staight from the private crates of the man of a few words himself, Dj Premier. Pressed in a limited quantity of approx. 50 to 100 testpresses, the "daily operation instrumentals" testpress is a holy grail for every record collector. Premier pressed them up to use them at Gang Starr shows and to promote Mobb Deeps upcoming debut "Juvenile Hell". While the A,B and C-Side contain the Gang Starr Instrumentals, Side D is what makes this record really interessting as it contains Dj Premier's Remix for Mobb Deep's never released, cop-shooting joint "Cop Hell". Yes dudes, this testpress is the only way to own this masterpiece on a legit vinylpressing. Boooom! This one turns up on ebay from time to time and sells for serious loot - but beware of the bootleg - a whitelabel with the same tracklist as the original's C/D-Side but with the missing "Gang Starr Instrumentals"Runout. Enjoy listening to it and show some love back!


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At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Ole

Obergeil, wie immer! ;)
lG Ole


At 11:30 PM, Blogger apani

Thank You. This made my day! Keep up the good music.



At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Mister K

Impressive. Thanks a lot.


At 8:40 PM, Blogger Andyman187

Thanks For Sharing This Gem!


At 7:44 PM, Blogger Booxbowm

Hrhr....laughing my ass off...over 1000 people downloaded the instrumentals and 4 people left a comment. What the f**k....truly sad development of the bloggerssphere!!!


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

ayo, nice one. been waitin years to cop this esp. for IM THE MAN inst. THANKS


At 1:30 AM, Anonymous B-Down

Wow... this is a rare find indeed. Good looking on this one!


At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Brilliant. Thank you so much.


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

that's truly amazin joint only real heads can realize.

thanks a lot



At 3:33 PM, Blogger PartyMarty



At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Thank man! But when is this released? 1992 or 1993? because that "Marxman - Drifting" joint is released in 1993..

Let me know



At 12:07 PM, Blogger soup


im very late to the party. and would love to get my hands on this. any chance of a re-up? thanks


At 4:23 AM, Blogger Jed104

Aah! Please re-up the dopeness