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well, I did in May, but just to give u sumthing untill the next post I dug out this Interview for you cats. And, man, i gotta say this one is very special, he's talking some interessting stuff about melachie, the states and many more, diggersspot-quality, did u expect anything else???

Here we go:

1995 the Livin Proof lp was released - and this was the sound cats all over the world started lovin' - Lil Dap, Melachie and Premo. how did u get in contact with Premo?

I started with Premo back in the days, ya know, me and Premo came out at the same time.

Weren't there any other producers u liked at this time or why did u decide to release a lp fully produced by Premo?

On my first album I kinda helped Premier with it, so you know, Premo and i did a lotta production together.

when we talk about the sound - which style do you like most, Livin' Proof or A Tear For The Ghetto?

I like A Tear For The Ghetto. It's a little different cause it's more of us, there is no Premier, It's really all about us.
Premo only made one song, and ya know, when u talk about Group Home u gotta talk about Melachie and Lil Dap. That's what I came out with, since "I'm The Man" or "Speak Ya Clouds" it's been always Lil Dap and the Group Home, then I brought Melachie with me, ya know, then Melachie was around and it was still Lil Dap and the Group Home. I came out with the name on Gang Starr's first album, I was representin it since these days. Then I brought Melachie out on the first album, ya know, the first Group Home album, me and Premier really did the work on it, you know we wrote the lyrics for Melachie...

So you wrote the lyrics for Melachie???

Yea, I did, you know as far for his parts - I don't write my lyrics, I just do it from top of ma head.

On "A Tear For The Ghetto" you introduced a young producer to the world named Agallah. Nowadays he has way more output then u guys do. Why don't you work
together with him anymore?

You know, we helped Agallah to came out.You know, rite now he's with purple city, working with diplomats and stuff like that.
He needs to work on his appearance, we made our already, you know, we're group home, people know about us worldwide.
We helped him out and now it's his time to get his awareness now, to start his own projects and to get people know about him.
People know about group home since the Gang Starr days, ya know. Agallah has his hype rite now, he's gettin' a little awarenes - and WHY does he get his awareness? He got Jim Jones, He got Cam, so he got what? - He got names. He's just runnin of for names. We, Group Home, we got our own name. So Agallah tries to get what we already have. I'm pretty sure in a minute he'll b doin alright.

But are you still in contact with him?

Yeah, I talk with him like everyday.

When your last 12" ("Fast Cars") was released, I was kinda happy that it's still the typicall GH Style. Will you always keep this style or are you lookin' forward do try sum new stuff?

Well, I try new stuff all the time, that's what makes me so unique, ya know.
I've been in this hiphop thing since Gang Starr started, alwaya tryin new stuff and to help people out.

Ghostface Killah just said in an interview that he doesn't give a fuck about New York anymore, cause the typicall NY HipHop is dead. What do ya think about this?

He's right.
Everybody's doing sum stupid shit, these mothafuckers aren't focused no more. Like, hear my shit and u'll now how we move it.

Could we take Mobb Deep for example?

Yea man, I like Mobb Deep, I'm a big fan of their shit.

Of the new stuff, or just of the old ish, like I am?

Only of the old stuff...The new stuff, I don't really like too much, man. I dunno, they just put a album out and it's not poppin of in america.
Ya know, for the money and the promotion they got behind their stuff it should b blowin' of rite now, but I don't see really too much, I don't thing they're doing good with this stuff.

Wouldn't you sign a big deal for doin clubmusic?

Not really, cause I'm not into that clubmusic.
I ain'T knockin someone who does it, cause u gotta do what u gotta do, ya know what I'm sayin, u gotta take care of your family, but as far, u gotta keepin
it real with hiphop like I did since back in the days. But if I would take that chance and do music for the club It'd be cool, cause you know, we would be doin music and it would be for the club. (No, I don't know what he's talkin bout man!). I not gonna break my neck to do it.

You told me that you moved to Pensylvania - why did you do that and how do ya like it there?

well, it's only a hour or two from new york, I'm gettin sum peace of mind, write lyrics and do sum production.

You've been in germany a few times now, is there any difference between the german headz and those in the US you would state?

The stated make me sick, they piss me off. Everybody is following another one, follow this one, follow that one.
Everybody have an identity crisis or sumthing like that and I ain't with it, so I just try to keep it as real as possible.

I've been listening to most of the tracks of your upcoming soloalbum while doin this interview - is there already a releasedate?

It will come out very soon, but u cats in europe will hear bout it first, you know, before the people in america.
It will be very soon and when I talk about soon I mean soon, mayb in summertime.

Is there any chance to hear another colabo with jeru the damaja?

Yeah, we gonna another song for you supporters.
We put the single ("get it twisted") out to show sum love to you guys, and we'll keep on showin love to you.

What's goin on with melachie right now? What he's about?

Right now I guess he's locked up. Last time I heard he's locked up when I was talkin with Premier.
He's in jail, there aren't alotta things you can do when ur in jail.
But I'm still reppin Group home, even when my man is in jail, ya know, just to show some love to you, there aren't many artist who would do that.

I heard that he's tryin to become a boxer, is this true?

yes, he really tried to box, u'll see how this goes.
But like I said, I gotta keep the Group Home thing alive - that's what I came out with and what I'm going out for.

Any last words?

Group Home is still alive, watch out for my soloalbum , ya know, Lil Dap, comin soon.
Supporters, keep us alive and we will keep you alive.

That's all guys. I gotta say that Dap is a very nice and funny guy (Well, when he started to imitate his son's mother and how he got busted cause he suffocated her while we were eating at mcDonald it started to become embarassing for me, to be honest).
I heard the whole forthcoming soloalbum "I Adapt" and, yes, it's dope!!!

And now, just for you, two videos of his concert he did on this night....


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At 9:16 PM, Blogger FRAK

yo if u can still get in touch wit...lil dap...ask him about the ghetto celebz album...its a tight album i seen it on i got one of the tracks on there...but not the whole album...
get back @ me


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

thats an ill interview, its good that ur doin interviews on rappers that are underrated, keep up the good work, also livin proof to me was their best album.


At 12:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

yo! nuff respect to group home! i like all the stuff they doin! got the lps and stuff! real hip hop!
peace out!

dj mahmut from