Thursday, July 19, 2007
Whaddup peeps, so here it is: DiggersSpot's first "wax 4 tha headz" post after it's comeback.
Today I wanna introduce a joint to you which I've been bumbin alot recently.
Mad Flava's "To Tha Break", which was released in '94 as a testpress-only (as far as I know) is a typicall dope mid 90's joint with nice verses and a addictive beat. Mad flava released their debut LP "From The Ground Under" in the same year, which isn't as good as this release.

During the next days some interessting post will be posted including Interviews with Kukoo Da Baga Bonez, who just released his LP "Da Grustler" as well as a very interessting conversation with Rugged Intellect - so stay tuned!


posted by Maze@DiggersSpot at 2:06 PM