Monday, August 06, 2007
So, what do we have today? After I've been some kinda lazy (or afraid) relating audio-posts I thought I needed to come back with some dope shit. So I decided to organize a special about japan's finest beatdigger - or the selftitled King Of Diggin - Dj Muro. I hope you gonna enjoy this post and prove that by posting a comment and show some love, cause that's the only thing you guys can and should give back to me.
Muro feat. A.G. & Lord Finesse "The Vinyl Athletes"
Released in 1999, this Release was the first chance to get an idea about Muro's worldwide connections. Moving from there on it was even hard to think about a Muro 12" without any well known name on the featurelist. A definite banger!
Muro feat. Lord Finesse "Echo Wave"
While the "Vinyl Athletes" 12" is quiet easy to find and turns up on ebay very often, this release is a bit more hard to find. The A-side is very chilly but I honestly can't stand those japanese rhymes. On this records it's all about the flipsite which features no other than the Funky Man himself Lord Finesse. As far as I know this was pressed in a limited run of 500 copies - so keep your eyes open!
Muro feat. O.C. "Lyrical Tyrants"First of all: That bitch is real hard to find. Seriously, it took some time to hunt it down and I only know about one other person personally owning this. Even with all three mixes being dope I got to say that for me it's all about the new government remix, which is the version some of you mighty have already heard. I don't know how many copies or this were made so if anybody knows something about that share the knowledge!
To be honest, on that record I always flip to the instrumentals immediately. I can't find anything attrctive about those japanese flows. Showbiz was responsible for the production of the Microphone Pager track while Mr. Walt and Evil Dee aka Da Beatminerz took care of the Rino track on the flip. Even with those namens on the guestlist, this '97 release didn't cause as much attention as the Vinyl Athletes track, which I stated as his first big thing with US artist due to this fact.
This one offers Lord Finesse's remix to the Microphone Pager joint. Not one of 'Nesse's dopest works but still fresher than many others.

For the end we still have Muro's Remix for Pete Rock's "Revenge". A very nice production which could be easily used in every freestyle- oder beatjugglingsession.

I hope you found something on this post. Have a nice time listening to these joints and leave some comments. See you next time. During this week the Kukoo Da Bagabonez interview will finally be posted. One love.


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At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

nice compilation!

keep it up & take it EZ,



At 10:13 AM, Blogger MoreShots

hey crate fiddler,
thanks for the up's, if you need any more muro, i have many many release by him.
including the video to Lyrical Tyrants.





At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Big up!

Cheers for the up´s mate.
Can´t wait to bump the tunes, only heard one joint with Finesse on the Muro Mixtape " King of Digging ". But D.I.T.C. speaks for itself!




At 7:52 PM, Blogger Swann

nice work man!!! Muro's a damn genius


At 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Many thanks for your work bro ...

Best regards from France.



At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

fette compilation!!!

keep droppin that shit!!!

gruß ausm alpenland


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

As much as I like muro's production, its his mixtapes that do it for me. I can't get bored of listening to his super funk and disco breaks mixes, track selection is awesome and the mixing and the cuts are perfect. I still got them on double cassette in the retro cases. probably my favourite mixes of all time.
thanks for heads up on these tunes.



At 4:50 AM, Blogger Aaron

thanks for these!


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Ahhh to late!
Is it possible to reupload this files?


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

please reup